Church Officers


Purpose: To strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation. The Session is the governing body of the congregation, and all the work of the congregation is under the review of the Session. The governing body performs its work by dividing into various teams: Adult Discipleship, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Worship and Music, Congregational Life and Outreach, Mission and Peacemaking, Property, Personnel Administration, Stewardship, Finance, and GEMM (Gifts, Endowments, Memorial Monies).

Ruling Elders

Adult Discipleship: Sara Jo Jensen
Children’s & Family: Juli Morse & Emily Saling
Congregational Life & Outreach:  Jason Dohrmann & Andy Krueger
GEMM(Gifts, Endowments, Memorial Monies): Jason Dohrmann & David Bangsund
Mission & Peacemaking: Rick Warner & Logan Stone
Nominating: Cindy McCann
Personnel: Lois Waldron/Ellen Ullrick
Property: Don Schoenbeck & Cindy McCann
Stewardship & Finance: Mary Ann DuBoff & Greg Mowe
Worship & Music: Julie Taylor
*Treasurer: Debbie Warner
*Associate Pastor: Joshua Dunham
*Moderator of Session: Rev. Brian Marsh


Board of Deacons

Purpose: To extend the church’s ministry to all, especially to those who may be sick, lonely, distressed or in need. The Board of Deacons oversees such work through the following ministries:


Bloodmobile: Laura Martinson
Meal Ministry: Christine Hsu
First Aid: Lori Kelly

Memorial Receptions: Lori Kelly/ Lynne Hollomon/Sandy Johnson
Transportation: Kathy Stromvig
Ships: Holly Schoenbeck /Rhondie Emry
Thanksgiving Dinner: Jennifer Henn/Sandy Johnson
VIP Ministry: Ethel Mitchell/ Helen Lyman/Greg Berry

Moderator: Joshua Dunham

*Secretaries:  Lori Kelly & Helen Lyman