Mission & Peacemaking

Mission and Peacemaking

Moreland’s Mission and Peacemaking Ministry is to care for those in need and to provide the congregation with opportunities to practice generosity and to experience the abundance of Christian life.  Mission does this in a variety of ways—

  • by distributing funds designated by Session for charitable giving,
  • by receiving special monetary and in-kind contributions for particular charitable activities;
  • by assisting with three specials offerings organized by our national organization; and
  • by overseeing distribution of funds from the Paul and Sally McCracken Endowment.

Mission seeks out ways to collaborate with our neighbors and other charitable agencies to advance community well being, with the goal of offering Morelanders of all ages the opportunity to experience the joy of giving—

1) Our backpack program with SE Portland Rotary and neighboring Holy Family church provides around 40 children with food for non-school days.

2) We work with our Children’s Ministry team and church neighbors to collect perishable food for Mainspring.

3) We provide Christmas food boxes for local neighborhood families.

4)With Mainspring, we fill barrels with clothing, toiletries, towels, and bedding for the homeless, year round.

5) We provide monthly meals for Transition Projects’  Willamette Center.

6) We support local Girl Scout troops

7) We support local Boy Scout troop 64

8) Other groups and individuals in the church create and execute their own charitable endeavors, apart from Mission-sponsored activities.