Anti-Racism Resources

Resources for Learning More About Experiences & Struggles for African-Americans

As we are living in these unprecedented and uncertain times, the injustices of our history as a nation and community are being brought to light in more vivid and powerful ways than ever before. And while we as a community of faith have taken steps to listen, learn and respond to those living under the weight of these injustices over the years, we also have been the benefactors of privileges mostly not afforded to those of brown and black heritage. The crisis of racial inequality and injustice is an opportunity for those of us who have been privileged in these ways to stop, listen and learn from the experiences and struggles of African-Americans and other marginalized communities, to grieve over these injustices and our complicity in them, and to receive and give Grace and Love in ways that can contribute to the healing of our community, nation and world, and the creation of a new way of breathing and being and living together as a Beloved Community of equality, justice and Love.

To that end, here are some links to resources that can help guide us into a deeper understanding, solidarity and connection with out beloved and beautiful sisters and brothers of marginalized cultures.

Anti-Racism Resources 

75 Things White People Can Do To Address Racism

Dr. Tobin Miller-Shearer (Professor and Chair of African-American Studies Program, University of Montana) and four anti-racism resources

Dr. Brian Blount (President and Professor of New Testament, Union Presbyterian Seminary) – Revelation and these times  

35 Books About Race, Recommended by Black Portland Writers by Amy Wang

Books on Anti-Racism

Websites to Explore