SE Portland Youth Collective

What is SE PDX Youth Collective?
SE PDX is a partnership of churches and other faith communities to expand the opportunities for youth for collaboration, fellowship, and engagement.  It was co- founded in 2017 by Josh Dunham, who at that time was Associate Pastor at Moreland Pres.Who are the current leaders of SE PDX Youth Collective?
Debi Stromberg, Creator Lutheran –  503-539-2561
Sabina Spicer, Milwaukie Presbyterian – 562-686-0626
Jeanie Whitten, Together Lab   503-839-2988
Brennen Wildermuth, Moreland Presbyterian 503-314-5744

Who can attend Collective Events?
All Youth are welcome.  Some events are designed for specific age groups–middle or high school.  Some events require registration and releases.

What does the Collective do?
The Collective schedules a variety of events– learning events, action events and some purely for fun and fellowship. Events this summer include Middle School camp, High School retreat, Night strike, and a learning night with Chef Vanessa.  This fall, it is expected that the Collective will establish a regular calendar of events, as it did pre-pandemic.

How do I find out about Collective Events?

  • Sign up with SE PDX Youth Collective to receive emails.
  • The latest Collective emails are linked to Moreland enotes and the Moreland Youth email.
What is the Mission Statement of SE PDX Youth Collective?

Living & changing as youth explore how spirituality informs our longings

As a community, we build bonds with other youth and leaders through stories to understand and respect one another.  We are equals who work together to serve our communities and make an impact on those around us.  We celebrate our joys and discuss our hardships with no pressure or judgement…

We come together from different faith backgrounds and welcome everyone. We honor that everyone’s spirituality is unique, personal, and some have none at all. As an interfaith or ecumenical youth collective, we work towards a just future where faith is not an exclusive space, but one of celebration.