In Christ, there is a NEW CREATION for all. As the old is passing away, ALL things are being made NEW!
II Corinthians 5:17


Saying that ‘it’s a new day’ in a time of lingering pandemic may sound preposterous. About as preposterous as highlighting empty spaces (like crosses and tombs) as signs of Presence. Or wounds as sources of healing. Or death as a seedbed for new life.

All new days begin in the dark. And in this darkness through which we are having to find our way, we’ve seen sparks of Light and glimmers of Hope all along the way. Provision for the hungry. Presence for the lonely. Protection for the most vulnerable. Possibilities for our shriveling planet.

And all because of your willingness to open your selves to those in need and offer your selves through time, talents and treasures. THANK YOU!

In this season of stewardship – as we mindfully consider how our gifts and resources can help meet the needs in our community and world – we invite you to take some time to discern this vital convergence in your life in the following ways…

PONDER open yourself to consider both to the realities of life as they are and the possibilities of what they might become through your openness and sharing
PRAY open yourself to the One who is the Giver of all good gifts and allow the Spirit to guide you in your discernment of what you sense you are called to offer to our MPC community
PERCEIVE open yourself to identify the ways in which you sense you are able to give to our life together as a faith community connected to our broader community
PRESENT open yourself to making a commitment to present your gifts of time, talent, treasure and presence through a pledge or another way of signifying your promise to be a part of our new day together at Moreland

To download a copy of the 2022 Stewardship Brochure please click here.