Go after a life of love as if your life depended on it— because it does. Give yourselves to the gifts God gives you, and give them away.
I Corinthians 14:1-2


With so much change in our world and lives in recent times, what does ‘living Love’ and‘giving Hope’ look like now?

Welcoming refugee families and helping to provide not only shelter and sustenance but relationships in community (and seeing that provision arrives from our neighbors in partnership with our MPC family)…

Opening our buildings as shared spaces with the broader community in ways that are bringing healing and transformation through music, storytelling, theater, language and learning, all in a Spirit of limitless Love…

Seeing our cornerstone experiences return in expressions that are both familiar and fresh, groups that are smaller in number AND stronger in Spirit and energy…

And all of this and more is happening through opening ourselves to more expansive realities and opportunities to be the Beloved Community through our generosity of gifts, resources and Spirit.

As we consider the gifts we have been given and discern the ways in which we can share those gifts to bring provision and transformation to our community and world, we invite you to engage in these steps along the way…

RECOGNIZE PROVISION (I Chronicles 29.10-16; James 1.16-18) – seeing and celebrating the reality that ALL of life is a gift from God

EXPAND OUR VISION (Exodus 17.1-7; John 6.1-14) – allowing our perception of abundance to be broadened and deepened

RELINQUISH EXPECTATION (Exodus 16.1-30; John 6.25-35) – letting go of the limitations of scarcity we naturally place around abundance and generosity

EXTEND TRANSFORMATION (Psalm 29; Acts 10.1-48) – opening ourselves and our resources to be shared in fresh ways that bring new Hope and Life to ALL

To download a copy of the 2023 Stewardship Brochure please click here.